About Us

Who We Are

Alpha naOmegasm Healthcare Limited is a home care provider that offers outstanding, person-centred services to people while they continue living independently in their own homes. We specialise in home care and support, elderly care, disability care, learning disability support, supported living and temporary staffing services.
Our team strives to deliver services that are built around each person’s unique needs, goals and expectations. As we carry out initial and ongoing reviews and assessments, we seek to always consult the service user and their family, such that we remain aware and in full understanding of their needs as these can be changing over time.
Our agency is driven by fully-trained, competent, trustworthy professionals who are not only skilled but passionate and dedicated to enriching people’s lives through great care.


Our Values

Principles That Make Up Our Professional Culture

Care & Compassion

Everything we do at Alpha naOmegasm Healthcare Limited is centred on providing exceptional care. It is our belief that we understand our service users' needs better if we are compassionate.


Delivering high-quality personalised care requires more than skill. It takes real passion and dedication. Dedication is a core trait of each member of Alpha naOmegasm Healthcare Limited.

Communication & Feedback

We always consult our service users throughout their care, ensuring we always serve them with a full understanding of their needs and preferences.

Honesty & Integrity

Our team demonstrates high levels of honesty and integrity throughout our staff and management conduct. We respect our service users' privacy and dignity.